IC3D is a leading innovative design technology provider for the manufacturing and construction sectors. Its mission is to close the gaps on what it takes to be a truly 3D business in today’s fast evolving virtual world.

IC3D assists businesses to become more profitable by offering products and services that will allow them to finish their projects sooner, saving time and money and increasing their customer’s satisfaction with their business by offering hardware, software, consulting services and recruitment services.



IC3D provides best-in-class products from SolidWorks, Archicad, DriveWorks, Cinema 4D, Solibri, SolidProfessor, BOXX and Stratasys with training, services, and technical support resources throughout Australia and New Zealand

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Come join the thousands of satisfied professionals and students a like who's benefited from IC3D's many professional development initiatives.

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For over a quarter of a century, we have been helping our customers attain the ultimate in design efficiency, productivity and innovation.

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"The designers in our Engineering Dept. love these workstations for their power, reliability, and speed. As the IT guy who sets up these machines for them, when a BOXX comes in, it's a clean setup and preparing it for use requires nothing more than configuring the network connection and installing the software your user needs."

-- Peter Tournas, Laars Heating Systems Co.,
I know that my company is small and not a rendering farm, but being small means that (more than ever) we need computers with speed that we can depend on. We got it with the BOXX. We looked inside, where we found orderly, laid out elements with the wiring neatly gathered and placed logically. Our production continues to improve. We aren't waiting for files to regenerate. By our estimate, we have picked up 1.5 to 2.0 hours of production each day over our Dell machines.

-- LES BELL, ASLA, President | Landscape Architect of L.H. BELL LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT PC,

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